Carolyn’s Intuitive Messages


My intuition is my superpower.

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be?

Do you feel like you already have one?

My intuition is my superpower.

Intuition is an internal guidance system. It is like a GPS that you can follow to get information from the Universe, God, whatever greater power you believe in, to help you make decisions for your highest good. Your intuition is your body’s resonance with the divine energy that is out there to help you with making choices that are beneficial.

We all have a certain level of intuition. It is like a muscle. You must practice using it. The more you practice, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

When I was younger, I was conditioned out of trusting my intuition. Logic was valued and got me attention. I excelled in school using my analytical skills and trying to blend in.  I noticed when things didn’t make sense to me or feel right but I chose to follow convention and outside validation instead of my intuition and soul guidance.

After a very difficult divorce, I realized that if I didn’t trust myself and nurture my spiritual connection, I would continue to feel frozen and lost.  I taught myself by trial and error and many mistakes that I truly know what is in my highest good. I saw my life change for the positive as I started to trust my intuition and take inspired action.  I practiced until I could feel my intuition in my physical body and know my soul’s truth.

My intuition is fundamental to my success as is my capacity for compassion, deep listening, and clear thinking.

And it is my mission to have each woman own and develop this amazing power!

I look forward to a world where the driving force is the heart and all that is possible through intuition…. the best journey of my life was within!!!


WOBC Spotlight

I am thrilled to announce that I am the Women Owned Business Club Spotlight of the month for November 2018.   Click the image to see my write-up!


Healing Through The Heart: Being Present to our gifts

Finch-dream-symbolMany of you know that I also own a pet care company.  One of my employees had to have emergency surgery a few days ago and as I walked out of my home that night to cover her doggy late night visit a tiny bird flew into my home.  I just knew she was a baby finch.

She floated around the entranceway and landed on the steps.  She looked at me as if to say “What now?” and hopped up five steps cautiously and curiously. We had a sweet moment of connection, happiness and peace.  Then my cat discovered her.

The bird frantically flew around the entranceway and I tried to escort her out and keep my cat in. That did not work so well. Around this point in time the dog started to bark (he was already safely in his crate as I was going out) and my other cat came out and started to also stalk the bird.

I found myself caught up in the chaos of cats chasing bird to the symphony of dog barks.  I lost my connection to presence and became a bit frantic.  I played crazy interference between the cats and the bird.

Then I remembered I can communicate with animals and call on my angels.   So, I took a deep breath, asked the angels for help and promised the bird that I would help her if she would find a place to roost.  A few moments later, the bird settled into a tiny space near the TV. I was able to pick her up gently in a napkin and release her outside.

Peace reigned again …..  The dog settled down, although the cats did give me the stink eye for taking away their toy.

When I returned from my dog visit, I spent more time with the message from my finch friend.  I was not surprised to find that finches are here to remind us of the importance of joy, appreciation, positivity and simplicity.  Also, to add variety to our daily life and enjoy all the milestones in life instead of focusing on the end result.

Finch loves to dance through life and invited me and all of you to have fun and celebrate each moment.


To Thine Own Self Be True

11685947_s-300x200Read my blogs on Aspire Magazine #AspireMag that I contribute to regularly. Enjoy! 

Being true to yourself sounds like a fabulous and easy thing to do.  We all have feelings about what is good for us and not good for us.  This is our intuition.  Following and understanding our intuition and recognizing the messages can be confusing if we aren’t taught how to undo the training to NOT follow our intuition.

Intuition is a gift from God that we all have in varying ways, shapes and forms. Some of us were conditioned out of trusting that inner knowing from a young age by well-meaning parents, by traditional schooling or religion. The belief in oneself and a power greater than ourselves is something that all children are born knowing how to use.  As babies we know how to cry when we need to be changed or fed. We instinctively know how to crawl and then pull ourselves up to walk.  We recognize and reach out to our parents for love and for care. When someone is not kind to us we pull back instinctively. [Read more…]


Color as a Tool for Transformation

Woman-Rainbow-300x200Read my blogs on Aspire Magazine #AspireMag that I contribute to regularly. Enjoy! 

Color is a powerful and healing tool to understand the health of our bodies, relationships and emotions.  The colors we choose to wear and decorate our living spaces can bring great change and support.

What is your favorite color? Do you have colors that you don’t like? Color is not only a vibration that we can see with our eyes, it is also an energetic vibration that has an impact on our health, abundance, spiritual connection and perception of the world.  Each color vibrates at a certain frequency and the color enhances certain characteristics and attributes. [Read more…]


Overwhelm: Fight, Flight or Freeze

Woman Sitting on GrassRead my blogs on Aspire Magazine #AspireMag that I contribute to regularly. Enjoy! 

Overwhelm: Fight, Flight or Freeze

Overwhelmed! Even saying the word out loud makes my heart race a little and my breath become shallow. Words definitely have power. Especially when you are feeling vulnerable, with way too many things to do on your plate.  Life is extremely busy now and we have so many demands on our time. It is easy to get lost in taking care of everyone else and putting ourselves last.  As counter intuitive as it seems, this is the time to concentrate on self-care.  [Read more…]


Connection of Hearts and Souls

Whats new aprilI had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women this weekend at a retreat. The connection of hearts and souls coming together to support, heal and learn was tangible!

Here we are giving some love and energy healing to a sister. Can you see the light and love flowing around us?

The power we have as women is unlimited when we join together in collaboration.


Connecting and Delivering

CaptureWell, I am a living example of be careful what you ask for – in a positive way! The universe sure does deliver what I focus my energy on. I set my intention in the beginning of 2015 to be seen and connect with other powerful healers and coaches.

A few weeks ago I connected through Facebook with an amazing local intuitive coach. As we got to know (and love) each other and our work, she asked me to present a Chakradance workshop at her retreat later this month.

Another intention of mine was to take more time for self-care. The universe is delivering me a two for one with this retreat. I am excited to relax, learn and bring back more ideas to share with you.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Much Love, Peace & Joy,



My RockStar Inspiration Journey

CaptureMy heart is filled with joy after spending 4 days in Boston with my RockStar tribe!  I spent the last year learning new techniques to share with you and I was chosen as part of the Inspiration Success panel at the Ignite conference to present my journey.


I loved telling the audience how trusting my angels and intuition helped me personally and professionally.
My segment is about 5:30 minutes and I am including a link for you to watch it.


Much Love, Peace & Joy,

Archangel Jophiel ~ Prayer of Illumination

unnamedI am honored and excited to announce that once again I am a published author! I just received my copies of “365 Days of Angel Prayers”!

This is an amazing daily resource for divine inspiration and angelic guidance.

Here is one of my prayers.  The others are to Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel. [Read more…]