Follow your Heart: And let those who love you do so also

kyle and me 10-17This blog my loving friends is about being very conscious of what we are asking for. I had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend in Columbus, OH with my youngest child, Kyle. He is a Jr at OSU. He talked about how much he loves Columbus (for reference I live in Massachusetts). He is happy and loves the way people treat him there, the environment, the weather, etc. He is excited to find a summer internship in Columbus…. Yikes!

I wished for time to slow down and to have more time with him – be careful what you ask for!  I arrived at the airport Sunday night to have my flight delayed so that I would miss my connecting flight to MA. I forgot that I am a powerful manifestor and need to be careful of what I ask for.  So I got to spend another night my my son – at the expense of a client.

I was blessed to stay in his apartment and we had a fun night watching the Patriots and “hanging out”.

As we relaxed instead of exploring, I had time to feel the upcoming change. My heart hurt for a while and then I remembered that I raised him to follow his heart.

A tangible part of me is moving on – I have grown and expanded in exponential ways the past few years – now I am seeing it reflected in my children.

Life is growth – sometimes it is easy – sometimes it hurts. Sometimes we miss a connection and receive a gift.

How can you look at a missed opportunity and find a gift?


Archangel Jophiel ~ Prayer of Illumination

unnamedI am honored and excited to announce that once again I am a published author! I just received my copies of “365 Days of Angel Prayers”!

This is an amazing daily resource for divine inspiration and angelic guidance.

Here is one of my prayers.  The others are to Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel. [Read more…]


Engage your ego to Meditate

meditate 2

Praying is asking for help, and meditation is the act of receiving. Some people get so concerned about procedure when they hear the word meditation that they never actually meditate. They have this worry that they have to sit in a particular position for an extended period of time. It does not have to be that way. [Read more…]


A Meaningful Relationship with Your Angels

blog picSince I was a small child I have loved angels. I felt comforted by the ethereal images. My grandmother was a self-taught musician and played piano. Her favorite picture and now mine is of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, being serenaded by angels. This picture hung near the piano at my grandparents’ home and inspired my grandmother to learn to play piano.

I now have this picture hanging over the chair that I meditate in. It inspires me to connect deeper to my angelic support team.

What is my angelic support team? My experience of angels is deeper than just the gorgeous beings of light singing praises to God. I have a personal connection to angels.  [Read more…]