What is Clairsentience?


So far we have explored two of the four main ways to receive information using our senses.  Clairvoyance  and Clairaudience .

Today we will focus on Clairsentience or feeling energy and messages.  Clairsentience is how our bodies react to the energy in and around us.  It is associated with empathy.

When all the hairs on your arm stand up to make you aware, you are experiencing this sense.   When you walk into a room and feel the atmosphere is heavy or uncomfortable, that is your clairsentience.

If you get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach pay attention to what your “gut” is telling you.  If your heart or chest hurts when you think of someone or an experience evaluate if that person or experience would be good for you.

Clairsentience is if you are around someone who is in pain and you feel the pain in the same place in your body.  Or perhaps you feel sad and then realize you are feeling the sadness of someone close to you.

You will receive message in your body in a manner unique to you.  For example, when something is good for me or it is in my highest good to do something my face feels flushed or full on my right cheek.  When it is not in my highest good then my left cheek feels flushed and full.

We all will experience this wonderful feeling sense in a manner that is special to us.  Once you start to recognize how your body sends you messages you have a built in radar system to help you make informed choices!

Here are three tips to help you connect to your clairsentience messages a little better:

  1. Follow your heart.  If you want to know if something is in your highest good then hold it to your heart.  If it is too big to pick up then write it on a piece of paper and hold the paper to your heart.   Notice how it makes your heart feel.  Does your heart feel full and happy? Or does your heart feel constricted or sad.   This will give you messages to help you make great and aware choices.
  2. Trust your gut. Start to pay close attention to the feelings in your solar plexus area when you talk about, think of or experience things.  If you feel uncomfortable then that is a message to further evaluate the situation.   If you feel expansion or joy then follow that bliss.
  3. Tingling on skin. Our skin is our largest sensory organ and will provide amazing feedback.  Notice what you are thinking or experiencing if you get “chills” or goosebumps.  Does your skin seem to glow when you are happy?  Your skin can provide wonderful clues to what is in your highest good.

Next time I will provide more details on Claircognizance.  If you would like to learn more now about Angel Communication I invite you to sign up for an Angel Reading.


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