What is Clairaudience?

Blog AprilIn a previous article I mentioned that there are four main ways that our angels and divine energy give us guidance; Clairvoyance , Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance.

Today we will focus on Clairaudience or any message that we hear.

Have you ever had the lyrics of the song stuck in your head? Perhaps the chorus or one line plays over and over and over again in your mind. This is an example of how the Angels send you clairaudient messages. Sometimes the message is the chorus and sometimes the chorus is just the hook to get you to look up the words of the song to find the details of the message. When you acknowledge the message there’s no need for it to be repeated anymore.

Angels will also send clairaudient messages through ordinary sounds. Recently I was in a meeting and we were trying to come to a conclusion about when we would meet next and as we mentioned a time my dog barked. That indicates concurrence with the statement.

Or perhaps you’re thinking about something and you hear an ambulance. It could be an indication that you need to hurry, to take action on whatever thought was in your mind at that moment.

Another favorite way of receiving clairaudient messages is through people that you encounter in your daily life. If everyone that you walk by is talking about drinking more water, then that is a message for you.

Here are three tips to help you connect to your clairaudient messages a little better:

  1. Voice in Your Head. Be aware of where in your head you hear messages. For me when my angels or God is talking to me the voice comes from the back of my head or feels like someone is whispering in my ear. When it is my ego talking the voice comes from the top of my head. Learning to trust the spirit voice and ignore the ego voice is powerful.
  2. Be Still. Meditate or sit quietly and listen for the guidance. It may come as a song, sound or a voice. Just know that whatever you hear is part of your message.
  3. Be Aware. Pay attention to all that you hear in your daily life. Listen to the music. Hear the animals. Notice what people are saying around you. Keep a journal to notice trends in what you are hearing.

Next time I will provide more details on Clairsentience. If you would like to learn more now about Angel Communication I invite you to sign up for an Angel Reading.


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