Do you trust your intuition? I do

The belief in oneself and a power greater than ourselves is something that all children are born knowing how to use.We all “know” more than we give ourselves credit for.  We are born intuitive beings.   Often our inner wisdom is taught out of us.   We are trained to follow the guidance of our parents, teachers, religious and community leaders instead of what we know in our hearts to be true.  This is confusing and can cause us to doubt the divine information we receive daily if we open our hearts to it.  Each moment we have the chance to choose what we believe.  Do we believe our hearts or what we are told?   I lived many years not trusting myself and my heart.   I now know that my heart is the truest barometer of truth.

Put your hands over your heart and ask a question.   Does your heart warm?  Does it feel inviting?   If so, then the answer is positive.   If you feel repelled, chilled or uncomfortable then the subject is not good for you.

Practice this daily and you will start to immediately recognize your own intuition and have the power to make choices with deep spiritual guidance.   This will bring peace and ease to your life.


Linear Energy this week

pic 1This week the energy is picking up! Can you feel it vibrating in this card? Use this momentum to finish tasks. Look at your “To do” list and concentrate on tidying up loose ends.

This week is one to focus on a task or project until it is done. No scattered energy approaches! When you get interrupted or need to take a break, do it, and then go back to what you were doing until it is finished. Many times it does not matter how we accomplish or complete things but it will be easier and more enjoyable to follow the linear energy this week.



All is possible!

Pic 2 This card feels like magic to me. I imagine the hands of God holding the burning flame that does not consume anything yet sends its light and energy out to the world. Hold this image in your mind if you need support this week.

The monkey in the moon sends the message to be clear in your communication. Speak your thoughts with integrity and loving intention. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, especially with family or in your community. Reach out to your support group – you give so much and now it is your time to receive.

All is possible with the support of family/community!