#AllLivesMatter How can you change to love?

cloud heart 9-30-11As an empath, I tend to feel too much of the pain of recent events so it is hard for me to read about it and engage. As a light worker, an agent for change towards love, peace and harmony, I can no longer stand by the sidelines.

#Alllivesmatter. Black lives matter, police lives matter, gay lives matter, straight lives matter, animal lives matter and the list goes on. God created us all.

Whether you believe in God, science or the universe, an intelligent source created all life to interact, and to find the balance and harmony necessary to exist together. We can do more than just exist, if we support each other, build community, and acceptance. Hatred, division, and killing is not the answer. The only answer is love. This means finding a way to accept our differences and build a bridge of tolerance and support to allow us to be one big connected and loving world. #loveistheanswer

What is one thing YOU can do today to spread love and build connection?