My intuition is my superpower.

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be?

Do you feel like you already have one?

My intuition is my superpower.

Intuition is an internal guidance system. It is like a GPS that you can follow to get information from the Universe, God, whatever greater power you believe in, to help you make decisions for your highest good. Your intuition is your body’s resonance with the divine energy that is out there to help you with making choices that are beneficial.

We all have a certain level of intuition. It is like a muscle. You must practice using it. The more you practice, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

When I was younger, I was conditioned out of trusting my intuition. Logic was valued and got me attention. I excelled in school using my analytical skills and trying to blend in.  I noticed when things didn’t make sense to me or feel right but I chose to follow convention and outside validation instead of my intuition and soul guidance.

After a very difficult divorce, I realized that if I didn’t trust myself and nurture my spiritual connection, I would continue to feel frozen and lost.  I taught myself by trial and error and many mistakes that I truly know what is in my highest good. I saw my life change for the positive as I started to trust my intuition and take inspired action.  I practiced until I could feel my intuition in my physical body and know my soul’s truth.

My intuition is fundamental to my success as is my capacity for compassion, deep listening, and clear thinking.

And it is my mission to have each woman own and develop this amazing power!

I look forward to a world where the driving force is the heart and all that is possible through intuition…. the best journey of my life was within!!!


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