Do you know what your soul purpose is?

I believe in doing my own work to always be refining my skills to serve you.  I am using my own tools and processes and working with my coach (yes, even coaches need coaches!).

I am clear that my mission is to help you understand what YOUR Soul wants you to know.    We all have a purpose in life.  It might be to be the best mom, an artist, entrepreneur, engineer or healer.   It may be to advocate for a cause, run a company, be a politician or travel the world building connection.  We each have a unique gift to offer the world.

Do you know what your soul purpose is?

When we are living in our purpose and using our unique gifts to make a difference, life is easy.   It is in flow and we feel magnetic and joyful.

When we are not living in our purpose, then we can feel overwhelmed, sad and anxious.

I worked in corporate manufacturing for many years and was excellent at what I did.  I was creative in my approaches and subconsciously used my intuition to support me.  While I easily went up the corporate ladder, and made lots of money, my soul was not fulfilled.  Eventually, I lost my joy and creativity.  I was surviving not thriving.

Losing my job due to downsizing in the recession forced me to look at how I was living my life and “Did I want to continue this way?”.

Animals were always a passion and focus for me.  So I started a pet care company and rediscovered my joy of deep connection with animals and nature.  I remembered I could communicate with them and that they helped ground my energy.  This clarified pillar #1 of my soul purpose.

Angels were what kept my attention and interest during my Christmas/Easter visits to church when I was a kid.   I loved the stories of God’s messages delivered by winged messengers that radiated love.  It was no surprise that during a time of crisis, I remembered and relearned how to communication with my Angels.   This clarified pillar #2 of my soul purpose.

Intuition and trusting what I knew to be true vs what my family or society said was a challenge when I was growing up and through my first marriage.  I made many non-optimal decisions because I chose to not trust my intuitive messages.  As I healed and understood that this was all part of my path to teaching about the importance of intuitive wisdom, trusting it and then taking inspired action, I regained my belief in myself and my own wisdom.   This clarified pillar #3 of my soul purpose.

My Soul Clarity System consists of 3 components that we all have access to:

Angel Wisdom

Animal Wisdom

Intuitive Wisdom

I will be writing more about these wisdoms and how they empower our lives in the weeks to come.


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