Decisions, Decisions: What is your style?


Yesterday would have been my dad’s 90th birthday.   I spent the day reminiscing.   One of the strengths he had was the ability to make a decision and never look back.   Sometimes they were good and sometimes not but he just looked forward to the next opportunity.   I took after my mom’s style of following society’s rules and added my own spin of not trusting myself so I looked for others’ opinions.   It took many years of personal development, struggle and awareness for me to change my style to one of trust and faith in my own ability to make decisions.  I love the peace and clarity of knowing what is in my highest good and never seconding guessing my choices.


What type of a decision maker are you?  My experience is that there are five major types of decision-makers.

In my years of intuitive readings and coaching I realized that many people don’t trust themselves so they develop coping mechanisms to support them in attempting to make a decision that they can live with.

Which style resonates most with you?

  1. Outside validation:   This style asks for others opinions instead of what is right for them.  What does God want me to do?  What does Religion say I should do?  What does conventional wisdom say I about this?
  2.  Jump right in:   This is the style where you shoot from the hip and you make a decision without all the facts.  Then it whether it’s hours later or years later you regret your decision.
  3. Agonize:   You’re paralyzed, and you spend so much time trying to either analytically make a decision and weighing all of the facts and/or all of the emotions that you literally cannot make a decision and so the opportunity passes you by.
  4. Analysis paralysis: You push all of those instincts and intuition off to the side and lineup things on a piece of paper or spreadsheet with pros and cons and go completely with what our head says to be right even if there is a nagging doubt in our heart or in our gut that the spreadsheet is wrong.
  5. Trust in self:   You use a balanced combination of intuition, logic and faith in yourself to make crystal clear decisions that you are happy with.

I would love to hear your style and if you would like to change it!

Let me know your stories.

P.S.   If you are ready to change your style to completely trusting yourself, give yourself the gift of an Inner Wisdom Clarity Activation call with me to understand the blocks to trusting yourself and make a plan to change them!



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