Angel Clouds – First Angel


This is one of the first angels I recognized in the clouds. She is my favorite! I love her beautiful energy!


Angel Cloud – Horse’s in the Sky


During from my run this cloud got me excited and when I finally looked I see images of a shapes of. Horses


Angel Clouds – Angelic Presence

Angel Cloud - Angel Presence

In one of my life coaching classes we had been talking about the angels leaving feathers for people to find as a reminder of the angels constant presence.  I decided to ask for a feather as that hadn’t happened to me (at least when I was aware of it).  Imagine my surprise when I looked up in the sky and saw this rainbow cloud!  I love how the angels give what we ask for in the way that they want us to see.  The clouds have been a wonderful way for the angels to communication with me since I was a small child.

Have you received a feather or other confirmation of your angel’s presence?



Angel Clouds – Right Path

Angel Cloud - Right Path

The day after I saw my first angel in the clouds I thought it would be wonderful to see another angel.  I asked for confirmation that I was on the right path.  I looked up to the sky and was thrilled to see this messenger heralding my acceptance of my connection to heaven.  Ask and you shall receive.  I felt so blessed to receive immediate confirmation that the angels were supporting me on my new journey.

How have you received confirmation that you were on the right path?



Angel Cloud – Spiritual Path


I was walking a dog and thinking about how much I love the Angelic Life Coaching class I was taking.   I was happy and feeling like I could do anything.  I looked up and saw my first angel in the clouds.  I felt a sense of awe and amazement.  The love I felt with seeing this beautiful image was profound and so affirming of the path I was on.  I knew that I was reconnecting with heaven in a way that I hadn’t since I was a child.

What message reopened your eyes to your spiritual path?