Clairaudience: Hearing Spiritual Communication

In part 2 of this 5-part #Blog series I wrote for The Wellness Universe, you will learn about Clairaudience or any message that can be heard. #WUVIP

In the previous blog, I mentioned that the Angels/Divine love to provide clear and supportive guidance to us. We as humans have free will so we need to specifically ask for messages. Once we ask, there are five main ways that the Angels give us guidance; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairbeing.

Today, we will focus on Clairaudience or any message that we hear.

Have you ever had the lyrics of a song stuck in your head? Maybe you wake up hearing the song on the radio or in your mind. Or every radio station you change to has the same song playing. Perhaps the chorus or one line plays repeatedly in your mind. This is an example of how the Angels are sending you clairaudient messages. Sometimes the message is the words of the chorus and other times the chorus is just the hook to get you to look up the words of the song to find the details of the message.

A few years ago, the song “Here comes the Sun” played on the radio and in my mind for weeks. I thought about a new beginning, being more positive or that it was confirmation that my choices were good, but I continued to hear the song. I knew I wasn’t getting the message. Then I remembered that this song was playing in the background of my high school “senior movie” during the photo of me and my then best friend. After college, we had a major disagreement and I was holding onto buried resentment. Once I allowed myself to feel the anger, I stopped hearing the song. When I acknowledged the message, there’s was no need for it to be repeated anymore.

The Angels will also send clairaudient messages through ordinary sounds. Start to pay attention to what you hear and the timing. If you are thinking about something and you hear an ambulance, it could be an indication that you need to hurry, to act on whatever thought was in your mind at that moment. Or if there are constant sound interruptions to what you are doing, it could indicate that you need to take a break or that you are heading down the wrong path. You need to stop and re-evaluate what you are doing.

Animals will also give you confirmations using clairaudience. Recently I was in a meeting and we were trying to decide when we would meet next and as we mentioned a time my dog barked. That indicates concurrence with the statement.

Another favorite way of receiving clairaudient messages is through people that you encounter in your daily life. For example, you walk into a room and you hear someone mention the yoga class they took last night, you turn on the radio and hear a commercial about yoga, and your best friend calls you to mention that there is a new yoga studio opening. Do you get the message that yoga is important to you?

One day, I walked into my office and a co-worker was explaining her new water bottle, I got on an elevator and people were talking about a drink more water challenge and that evening there was a TV special about the health benefits of drinking water. The message was clear that I needed to evaluate my water intake. As I consciously increased my water intake I felt my energy increase and I didn’t hear people talking about water anymore.

The Divine will also speak to you directly. The voice will have a different sound or vibration than your thoughts. It will often break in when you are thinking of something else. Pay attention to those seemingly random thoughts as they may be your angels sending you a message.

Once, I had a list for my home inspector after some insulation work was finished. I was rushing to get ready for the appointment and was thinking of what else I needed to do that day when I clearly heard “don’t forget the fans”. It was a divine reminder to ask the inspector about an area that I wasn’t sure if the contractor had insulated correctly. The fans were not on my list so I would have missed asking about them. They were not done correctly and needed a slight adjustment. Me listening to that divine voice saved the cost of having to have the inspector back again.

To help you feel confident that the voice you are hearing is spirit vs your ego pay attention to where in your head you hear divine messages. For me, when my angels or God is talking to me the voice comes from the back of my head or feels like someone is whispering behind my ear. When my ego or mind is talking, the voice comes from the forehead. Learning to distinguish and trust the spirit voice and ignore the ego voice is powerful and confirming.

As with clairvoyant guidance, the more you recognize and acknowledge the clairaudient messages the quicker and clearer they will become.

Another way we receive divine guidance is Clairsentience. I will provide details on understanding feeling guidance next week. Stay tuned!



Divine Messages Through Clairvoyance

In part 1 of this 5-part #Blog series I wrote for The Wellness Universe, I share how the Divine shows us messages through clairvoyance.  #WUVIP

WDivine-Messages-Through-Clairvoyance-by-Carolyn-McGee-TheWellnessUniverse-WUVIP-Clairvoyancee are surrounded by loving guidance that is waiting to be recognized by us. Our Angels/the Divine devotedly support our growth by

providing messages to make our chosen path clear and easy. Imagine it as step by step directions towards our life goals. These messages are for our highest good to allow us to flourish in our life’s purpose and mission with ease and grace. There are five main ways that our Angels and Divine energy provide us with messages. They are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairbeing. Over the next five weeks, we will explore them all.

Clairvoyance means that we receive the guidance or message through some type of image.

This image does not need to be seen with our physical eyes although it may be.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of laying in the grass and looking up at the clouds. I would watch the clouds shift from one magical image to another without understanding that there was a reason for the images. Now, I know that the image I see is a message to me. For example, I often see an elephant in the clouds. This can be a reminder to not forget something (elephants never forget) or to let me know that I am not alone with whatever I am thinking of. Elephants are highly social animals and community is an integral part of their life. Ganesh, the elephant-headed Ascended Master, is a guide of mine. He shows up to help clear blocks and remove obstacles.

Clairvoyant messages may be shown to you through an animal consistently being seen. It may be that you repeatedly see a cardinal – a sign that you need to balance your spiritual and physical energies. Or perhaps you see a butterfly on posters, movies, coffee cups – this is a confirmation that you are transforming your energy. I noticed a toad sitting near a plant on my back deck. I knew he had a message for me but I did not allow time for it to be received or to look it up. That toad stayed on my deck for over a week until I meditated on his message. Funny enough, it was to focus my energy on my divine mission and not get distracted. The next time I went outside he was gone!

Another way you may receive clairvoyant messages is through your dreams. The images or events in your dreams can provide clues to a message for you. It may be a color that repeats or a person that represents something to you. Dreams are not literal and it can be like solving a riddle to figure out the entire message. Keep a dream journal by your bed. As soon as you wake up, jot down a few notes about your dream and you can use the dream notes like puzzle pieces to fit together what the messages are for you.

You may also see repetitive numbers. This is the Divine’s way of drawing your attention to the significance and vibration of those numbers. Start to notice if there are any numbers that you see on a regular basis. Doreen Virtue has a wonderful book called “Angel Numbers 101”. It can get you started on the energy of certain numbers until you feel confident that you understand the personal message. I consistently saw 911 and thought that it was an indication that what I was thinking was an emergency. Once I remembered that my divorce date was also 9/11, I realized that the messages were about new beginnings.

Numbers can also be a simple answer to a prayer. I once asked the Divine how much I should charge for something and requested a clear, repetitive answer. Within a minute, I drove by exit 33, saw a truck with 33 in the license plate and passed a billboard with the number 33 on it. Answer received!

Maybe you keep noticing something in your environment. Pay attention to what your eye is drawn to when you walk in a room. Or take a few moments to meditate and when you open your eyes notice what your eyes are drawn to as soon as you open them. It could be a picture or an actual object that catches your eye. What is the first thing that you think of when you look at that object? That will be your message from your Angels.

The Divine will send you the message in a way that makes sense to you. They will tune into your intuitive language to show you images that make sense to you based on your history and beliefs. The more we pay attention to this guidance, the clearer the messages become.

Next week we will delve into part two of this series, hearing spirit communication, also known as Clairaudience.


Life Guided By Spirit in 7 Easy Steps

In this #Blog post I wrote for The Wellness Universe, I share how easy it is to live a life guided by Spirit. #WUVIP

Life-Guided-by-Spirit-in-7-Easy-Steps-by-Carolyn-McGee-TheWellnessUniverse-WUVIP-SpiritLife is a series of choices. Each instant we get to be in that moment, reflect, or live in the past or project into the future. How do you make your choices? Are you aware of what energy you are in when you choose?

For many years I lived very logically, not trusting spiritual input in my choices. I thought out my options in a very analytical way. I found time and time again, that my logical decisions were often not the best for me. I realized that I knew on some level the choices I was making were not in my highest good, yet I ignored that part of me that reached out to guide me on a better path. I knew that there was more information available to me if I would just accept it. As I believed my intuition and connection to divine wisdom, my life flowed easier and with more grace. I had the energy to take inspired actions with better results.

I now live my life connected to my inner guidance, making empowered actions and feeling peace with each decision.

My seven steps to living a life guided by spirit are:

  1. Feel signals from your body to access higher wisdom. Take 7 deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. As you breathe; relax and feel the sensation in your body. Feel your energy flow from your toes to your head. As you bring your awareness to how your body connects with your breath, you will feel where you are out of alignment with spirit so that you feel a healthier flow of energy.
  2. Make friends with negative emotions. A beautiful part of the human experience is feeling our not so pleasant emotions. We often are quick to bury emotions like anxiety, yet without the shadow of these emotions, how would we see the joy and light of their opposites? By shining the light of acknowledgment on these negative aspects, we give them permission to heal and grow so that we feel the delight in all aspects of ourselves.
  3. The gift of no! Make authentic and empowered choices by saying no with compassion. Release the need to always say yes and understand that you are offering an opportunity to the person you say no to by allowing them to step into their divine power. This is a gift to yourself and to the person receiving the no.
  4. Divine awareness of self. Make choices from your heart. Write a statement or question on a piece of paper and hold it to your heart. How does it make you feel? Does your heart expand? Or does your heart and body want to shrink away from the paper? This will give you clear guidance on if this choice is in your highest good and peace in your decisions.
  5. Clear awareness of divine in your world. Start to notice and track all the synchronicities and coincidences in your life. Then, ask for something and acknowledge it when it shows up. Notice how easy it is to connect to spirit and manifest a tranquil life.
  6. Awe, mystery, and magic. Remember the child-like wonder of a beautiful sunset, a flower opening or an ice cream. View all events through the lens of wonder. The more grateful we are, the quicker we recognize the magic in every day, the more and quicker it will show up so that we are living the life of our dreams.
  7. Deep and trusting connection to spirit. This is where practice makes perfect. Create a daily practice to connect with spirit. Put this practice into action and model your easy and graceful life to others. The more you trust, the more positive results and “instant” manifestations you will have.

Following these steps has connected me deeper to spirit, enhanced my trust, and sharpened my awareness of answers to my requests. The more I practice, the easier it is to take inspired action on the guidance as I have positive tangible evidence of the benefits of living life guided by spirit. I invite you to practice and create your own easy and joyful life!


#AllLivesMatter How can you change to love?

cloud heart 9-30-11As an empath, I tend to feel too much of the pain of recent events so it is hard for me to read about it and engage. As a light worker, an agent for change towards love, peace and harmony, I can no longer stand by the sidelines.

#Alllivesmatter. Black lives matter, police lives matter, gay lives matter, straight lives matter, animal lives matter and the list goes on. God created us all.

Whether you believe in God, science or the universe, an intelligent source created all life to interact, and to find the balance and harmony necessary to exist together. We can do more than just exist, if we support each other, build community, and acceptance. Hatred, division, and killing is not the answer. The only answer is love. This means finding a way to accept our differences and build a bridge of tolerance and support to allow us to be one big connected and loving world. #loveistheanswer

What is one thing YOU can do today to spread love and build connection?


365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul


I’m so excited to announce the release of a brand-new book, “365 Ways to Connect with Your So12208310_10153293861172945_8326457228659783302_nul”. It contains one tip for each day of the year from over 200 authors, including Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman…and ME! 🙂

Whether you’re feeling disconnected or are already plugged into your soul and are looking to deepen your connection, this book provides lots of easy and fun ways to align with your soul and the universe. Topics include: gratitude, nature and animals, wellness and self-care, and the topics I wrote about: Pets as a Mirror, Cloud Messages and Walking Meditation.

It makes a great holiday gift for friends, family, and other loved ones…including yourself! You can learn more about the book HERE.

Plus, if you order now, you’ll receive over 100 soulful bonus gifts – all created by the contributing authors – including guided meditations, ebooks, ecourses, and much more! I’m so excited to share this book with you. So much love has gone into it, and I can’t wait for you to take all of that love into your heart!


What is Claircognizance?


 We learned about three of the four main ways to receive information using our senses.  Clairvoyance and Clairaudience  and Clairsentience  .

Claircognizance is the knowing sense.   It is that light bulb that goes off and gives us an immediate answer or feeling about something.  Sometimes the knowingness hits us so fast that we can miss it or start to doubt it.  Pay attention to those first and powerful intuitive hits as they are your Claircognizance sending you information.

Claircognizance is the sense that you just know deep in your core that something is true.   You cannot explain it or explain it away.   It is just is.

When I was looking for my home many years ago I had done lots of research and visited many homes.   None of them felt right.   When I walked into the foyer of my home, I KNEW that it was my home.  There was a sense of rightness, comfort and coming home.   I got this before I walked 3 steps into the house.   I couldn’t explain what I knew other than it was the home where my kids and I would be happy (and we are).

Claircognizant messages will be extremely clear and quick.   It is as if someone yelled the answer in your ear or held up a sign except you will feel and know it in your body.

Here are three tips to help you connect to your claircognizant messages a little better:

  1.  First impression.  There is a reason that first impressions are talked about so much.  We do have this immediate knowingness about people and situations.  Use your journal or a chart to keep track of your first impressions and then go back to review it after further interactions with the person, event or place.   You will see how accurate your claircognizant sense is!
  2. Ton of bricks. Pay attention to that big awareness that comes to you seemingly out of nowhere.  It may feel like you just plugged into the universe for a download.   How cool is that?
  3. I just know. Honor your inner knowingness.   You know what you know.  Practice your faith muscle and trust what you know without needing a reason.

If you would like to learn more now about Angel Communication I invite you to sign up for an Angel Reading.


What is Clairsentience?


So far we have explored two of the four main ways to receive information using our senses.  Clairvoyance  and Clairaudience .

Today we will focus on Clairsentience or feeling energy and messages.  Clairsentience is how our bodies react to the energy in and around us.  It is associated with empathy.

When all the hairs on your arm stand up to make you aware, you are experiencing this sense.   When you walk into a room and feel the atmosphere is heavy or uncomfortable, that is your clairsentience.

If you get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach pay attention to what your “gut” is telling you.  If your heart or chest hurts when you think of someone or an experience evaluate if that person or experience would be good for you.

Clairsentience is if you are around someone who is in pain and you feel the pain in the same place in your body.  Or perhaps you feel sad and then realize you are feeling the sadness of someone close to you.

You will receive message in your body in a manner unique to you.  For example, when something is good for me or it is in my highest good to do something my face feels flushed or full on my right cheek.  When it is not in my highest good then my left cheek feels flushed and full.

We all will experience this wonderful feeling sense in a manner that is special to us.  Once you start to recognize how your body sends you messages you have a built in radar system to help you make informed choices!

Here are three tips to help you connect to your clairsentience messages a little better:

  1. Follow your heart.  If you want to know if something is in your highest good then hold it to your heart.  If it is too big to pick up then write it on a piece of paper and hold the paper to your heart.   Notice how it makes your heart feel.  Does your heart feel full and happy? Or does your heart feel constricted or sad.   This will give you messages to help you make great and aware choices.
  2. Trust your gut. Start to pay close attention to the feelings in your solar plexus area when you talk about, think of or experience things.  If you feel uncomfortable then that is a message to further evaluate the situation.   If you feel expansion or joy then follow that bliss.
  3. Tingling on skin. Our skin is our largest sensory organ and will provide amazing feedback.  Notice what you are thinking or experiencing if you get “chills” or goosebumps.  Does your skin seem to glow when you are happy?  Your skin can provide wonderful clues to what is in your highest good.

Next time I will provide more details on Claircognizance.  If you would like to learn more now about Angel Communication I invite you to sign up for an Angel Reading.


To Thine Own Self Be True

11685947_s-300x200Read my blogs on Aspire Magazine #AspireMag that I contribute to regularly. Enjoy! 

Being true to yourself sounds like a fabulous and easy thing to do.  We all have feelings about what is good for us and not good for us.  This is our intuition.  Following and understanding our intuition and recognizing the messages can be confusing if we aren’t taught how to undo the training to NOT follow our intuition.

Intuition is a gift from God that we all have in varying ways, shapes and forms. Some of us were conditioned out of trusting that inner knowing from a young age by well-meaning parents, by traditional schooling or religion. The belief in oneself and a power greater than ourselves is something that all children are born knowing how to use.  As babies we know how to cry when we need to be changed or fed. We instinctively know how to crawl and then pull ourselves up to walk.  We recognize and reach out to our parents for love and for care. When someone is not kind to us we pull back instinctively. [Read more…]


Inspiration Panel at Ignite

My RockStar Inspiration Journey: Inspiration Panel talk at Ignite Your Power 3/6/15


Color as a Tool for Transformation

Woman-Rainbow-300x200Read my blogs on Aspire Magazine #AspireMag that I contribute to regularly. Enjoy! 

Color is a powerful and healing tool to understand the health of our bodies, relationships and emotions.  The colors we choose to wear and decorate our living spaces can bring great change and support.

What is your favorite color? Do you have colors that you don’t like? Color is not only a vibration that we can see with our eyes, it is also an energetic vibration that has an impact on our health, abundance, spiritual connection and perception of the world.  Each color vibrates at a certain frequency and the color enhances certain characteristics and attributes. [Read more…]